Monday, September 29, 2008

Spears Point Park Photos

The happy little nevilles at Spears Point Park on the way to Newcastle, as for the park it's a little ripper.

All the kiddies on a swing in the old Park.

All the little nevilles hanging out on the old war gun in Spears Point Park.

The mob goes fishing.... Sarah and Sophie with Nicko and Jacko doing a bit of fishing.

The two 'S' .... Sarah and Sophie.

Nicko and Sarah.

The Girls.

Old man Nicko and Jacko.

Sarah and Sophie

The Boys.

The girls Sophie and Sarah.

Jacko and ?

Your's truly, Old boy Scotty and the old fella Pop.

Jacko about to kick the ball.

Two of the old girls, auntie Debra and auntie Jodi.

Dougie hit's the dirt with Jacko and Hitman Jessie taking him down.


Jessie with Jacko walking the dog ?.

Sophie, Tim and Sarah having a feed.

Jessie and Dugie go for the tackle on Jacko as Sophie tries to walk the dog.

Sarah going for a kick with Sophie not hanging around for the catch.

Old boy Scotty, Pop, Jacko and Sarah.

Jacko, ? and Pop.

Sarah, Sophie and Jessie.

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