Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last day

Well we woke up nice and early in the morning and after packing up camp we took off for Norseman, when just out of Balladonia we hit a friggin' roo. Luckily we just clipped him and their is just a little dint and a little paint scrap, so you could say we were flammin' lucky when you think after driving all over Australia this is my first hit hay.

But after that we had a nice drive all the rest of the way along the Nullabor, and just before we got to Norseman we stopped for our big bush walk of the trip. We saw this mountain on our way over and we all thought it would be a great bushwalk to go up it, but we didn't have the time then but we did now.

The little mountain was called Jimberlana Hill, and is a beaut little one. It might not look all that big in a photo but fairdinkum, it was quiet a big one and to make it worse the dunny budgies well out in force. If you don't know what a dunny budgie is, well it's a nick name for a blow fly out this way (as they grow as big as a budgie, fairdinkum).

Almost at the half way mark..... who's idea was this???

I'll tell ya one thing i'm not as fit as I use to be, but I am in shape..... round is a shape! as my kids keep telling me (little buggers). Here we are almost at the top, I thought the kids needed a rest (okay I needed the rest but I was still thinking of them!)

Yes you little beauty! At the top and what a view, the photo doesn't give it justice mate, believe me it was worth the walk up.

At the top Sarah gives it the thumb's up but it was a bit nippy, so you can't actually see her thumb but believe me that's what shes doing (no she's not having a spaze attack)

Then after having a nice rest at the top and enjoying the view, we had to start the walk back down to the car.

Photoshoot time Sarah first and I reckon she can't wait for her mum to start to picking out her clothes again, me I just grab something at the top of the bag, what ya reckon.

Then it was Jacko's turn to give it a go in the bush, real cool I reckon.

Then it was time to get back into the commodore and head into Norseman, for some breaky and to fill up the tank ($1.67) before heading towards Coolgardie.

Hay ya don't see many of these sign posts hay, the thing that got me thinking was. That along this stretch of 167kms camels were only aloud to cross the road between this 200 meters???, you very good camel you! Strewth.

At about that time we came across Lake Cowan, which is a friggin' large salt lake most of the time. It's a bloody ripper and it was great that the kiddies were able to have a run over it, I'll tell ya one thing I wouldn't want to have to cross it. Imagine having ya dog run away from ya.... 'here Jacky Jacky here Jacky Jacky come here boy'...... Unfortunately it doesn't work on my kiddies, because their always back at the car before I get their (maybe they know something I don't).

After that we drove through Coolgardie and then past Southern Cross and on past Merredin, this is one of the many many friggin' many roadtrains that past us on the trip. In a funny way you start to miss them, I think it's just because you know that your coming to the end of your trip hay.

Look at what the cat dragged in!

And this was the last photo taken on our trip, I thought it should be as it was one of the first photos taken on the trip. Of cause it's the water pipeline going between Mundaring and Kalgoorlie.
At a place just past Tammin a beaut little wheatbelt town, on our way home. So this was going to be the end of our trip, as we drove into the driveway the trip computer clicked over into 8092kms. Stone the crows mate, it was a fair drive but strewth it was beaut. And giving the chance I would do it again in a minute, but we better start saving up the petrol money again. And I reckon next time there would be a few more little nevilles in the back seat.......NOOOOOOOO!

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