Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Nevilles at Toronto

Just a few photo's of my old home.

Toronto Train Station.

Yacht's at sundown.

At Toronto's old Swimming Bath's.

The old RSL which has had more facelifts over the years then Michael Jackson!

Sarah on Toronto's wharf where I used to go fishing.

The old Frith's Miter 10 shop, sadly just in time before it get's pulled down.

Jacko on the Toronto wharf, me and Mick used to fish off this wharf in the old days.

The old time Toronto Hotel.

Having a gander at the yacht's, that are docked on the yacht clubs wharf.

Sarah on the Toronto wharf, when I was a little kiddie the Wangi Queen showboat would dock hear.

Toronto Yacht club's wharf.

One of Toronto's old boathouses on the Bay.

One of Toronto's wharf's.

Best Bake cake shop is still going strong, it's been around for yonks. I can remember being sent down 'every now and again', to grab a vanilla slice or a butterfly cake for the old girl.

A beaut old boathouse by the Bay.

Sundown over Toronto Bay.

Some yacht's docked in Toronto Bay.

EVO'S fruit n' veg shop has been in Toronto, for as long as your's truly can remember. And after all those years, it's just the same as when I was a little nipper.

Yacht's on Toronto Bay.

Jacko standing next to the Toronto Boulevarde.

There's heaps of work going on down the lake end of Brighton Ave, the place is getting friggin' huge.

Sarah on the Toronto swimming wharf.

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