Thursday, October 2, 2008

Penrose Park

So after spending so time around Silverton we then drove about three minutes away to a place called Penrose Park, to let the kiddies have a chance to play on the old swings.

The park was opened in 1937 as a recreational reserve for miners and their families. It is named after John Penrose - who was Silerton's mayor for a time, as well as a publican and effectively a millionaire (lucky bugger). There is heaps of 'The old day swings' that the kiddies just love, here they are on the monkey bars.

And the old slipperydips that are a lot bigger then the girly things that they play on these days, and they are heaps of them all over the old park.

Here are the nevilles on the old steam train named LOCOMOTIVE 'Y' II, it was placed in the park in 1965 by the Silverton tramway CO. LTD. It was build in 1893 in Manchester and was last in service in 1960, and really it's a bit sad seeing it sitting somewhere it's never gonna move from. But still it's better hear then in the back of a junkyard, waiting to be scraped hay.

The kids then went over to where they keep all their animals, like these peacocks who didn't look to interested to be their. Do ya blame them.

And here are a couple of goats feeding a couple of goats!

surprise surprise the little pony is called SARAH, our little sheilah eats just about the same and has about the same dinner manners!

Of cause where ever there is a Sarah their has to be a JACK, in this case it's a friggin' cocky.

As you can see the footy stadium has seen better days.

But that was about it and now it was time to head back into Broken Hill for the night, nobody really knows how long before where ever gonna be able to return to this Park but I hope the little ones get a chance to run about here. Yes it's really getting old but it's still a real beaut Park to visit.

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