Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hanging out at Nana n' Pop's

Sophie and Sarah 'The Bestest of friends'

The boy's Nicko and Jacko hanging out together at the Toronto Park swings.

Auntie Vicki giving Nicko and Jacko a hand with putting the puzzle house together.

Getting their....

All done!

Nicko, Sophie, Jacko and Sarah with a wind turbine behind them.

Sarah and Jack with their Pop!

Carl and Chris!

The boys having a play Dougie, Nicko and Jacko.


Sarah and Jack with Nana.

Just hanging with the girls, Sophie, Jessie and Sarah.

Jacko and Nicko hanging out at Toronto's Park Playground.

Untie Jodi's scary attempt at face painting, here's Sophie as a puppy (I think?)

'Like a tiger rrrrrrr'

I'm still not sure what he's suppose to be but he differently looks bloody scary hay, I think he looks like the Joker!

aahhhh the scariest one of them all, oh my God she turned him into ..... into his father!!!!

The girls hanging out together.

Uncle Chris, Your's truly, Mr Grumpy (ha,ha Uncle Scotty) and Dougie.

Shiver' me timbers it's Captain Sarah cutthroat.

Ahhh me hearties, it's that Captain Sophie Blackbeard

The whole mob on our trip to Newcastle, you can see the Stockton Bridge behind them.

Sophie and her old man on her 5th Birthday.

Nick, Sophie, Jessie and Sarah.

Our last supper.... the last kip before we had to pack our bags and head back home to Perth. Well all good things have to come to an end, and we had a real beaut time hanging out with the oldies.

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