Sunday, September 21, 2008

2nd day on the road

Isn't it beaut to wake up before sparrows fart in the back of a commodore, with a little Sheilah snoring like a little trooper. Have you ever tried to get back out of the back of a friggin' wagon without waking two little nevilles (come to think of it have you ever tried getting out of a wagon?).... well maybe their might be a way too but if i'm up, then they might as well also hay.

As we set off on our day's drive we first hit the World famous '90 MILE STRAIGHT', this road is the straightest road in Australia and maybe even the straightest in the world? You might think that it would be the most boring drive around, but their's always something to have a gander at. Like you can play 'spot the roadkill' or 'which truck's this one?'

Then as we came to the end of the 90 miler, we pulled up at the famous Caiguna blow hole. The cold air that blows out of it comes straight from the nullabor cliffs, which are about 52 kms away... pretty cool hay.

Then just a quick ten kilometers away we came to the old Caiguna Roadhouse, where me and mum lived and worked awhile back. So you could say that we have a soft spot for Caiguna, and when ever we travel the Nullabor we always have to pull over and have a gander.

If you have ever been across the Nullabor and had pulled into Caiguna for some petrol (poor sod), then you might have of noticed that the roadhouse has been updated and cleaned up a fair bit and now it's been brought into the 90's.

The first thing you noticed is that their are new petrol pumps and their is now a roof over the whole thing, pretty cool hay. So now when you hop out of your car to pay for your petrol you wont get wet..... comes in handy on those six nights a year that they get rain!

So after having a breaky break at Caiguna it was time to hit the road again and head for the next roadhouse.... Cocklebiddy. Tania (mum) worked at 'cockle' for a bit before returning to Caiguna, and being the closest pub it was always the place for a 'night out'. After leaving Cocklebiddy we pasted Madura Roadhouse and filled up with petrol at Mundrabilla Roadhouse.

Then just as we drove into Eucla we hit a little dirt road down to the coast to the Old Overland Telegraph Station, working at this place in the old days must off been a real bugger. The place keeps getting covered with the shifting sand dunes, yet alone the fact that you were the only people about for about 1436kms to Perth and 951kms to Port Augusta! (a fair walk in anyones terms)

In 1929 the station was abandoned and the sand dunes now cover and uncover it's remains, depending which way the wind blows.

From the station we drove back up the old dirt road to Eucla, which is the only town on the Nullabor. When I say town.... well if you call a place with a population of 30 a town then this is it. Their is a police station with about seven or eight cops so it's not really the place to put your foot down on the Nullabor, but it does have the cheapest petrol on the Nullabor so it is a pretty beaut place to pull over to fill up. It has a real beaut motel and a ripper caravan park and if your looking for a place to rest on the Nullabor, then Eucla is the place for you.... trust me. Also if your one of these poor buggers who have to travel with kiddies, then it's a must as it has some real old swings from the 60's. You know the kind of swings you had in the park down the road from where you lived.

Just what I needed to see, a friggin sign telling me that we had still 2522kms to go.... bugger!

Border Village Roadhouse, the next stop on our trip. This is where we crossed the border of Western Australia and drove into South Australia, this roadhouse has everything that a traveler would need but a bit to posh for your's truly. Fairdinkum it even has one arm bandits, for crying out loud! but for me you can't beat Eucla mate. But it does have one thing going for it, it's big kangaroo shit's over Eucla's big whale. Rooey II as it's called is a little ripper and the kiddies loved climbing onto it, and if your traveling with little nippers then it's a must stop on the Nullabor.

Our first live Emu on the trip, we saw a few live roos jumping about around Caiguna. But this was our first Emu and doesn't she look like a little ripper, unless it keeps hanging around next to the side of the road, then it could be good night the fox! and it turned out it had a little mob of nevilles to look after... poor sod. I can only imagine poping about around the bush with two kiddies around your ankles.... like I said poor sod!

Here are the kiddies hanging out on the Nullabor.

We now was running out of daylight and had to run past the Nullabor Roadhouse and then past Nundroo Roadhouse and Penong before getting to our last stop for the night Ceduna.
We stopped at a Best Western Caravan park inside town and set up camp for the night, no back of the car for your's truly for tonight... you little beauty!

As you can see we were living like kings at Ceduna and even wen't all the way with a pizza for tucker time, life doesn't get any better then this!

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