Monday, September 22, 2008

3rd day

After a good nights sleep it was time to wakeup the kiddies and get back inside the car and start our next days drive. The first time on the trip we woke up to a little rain, but I told the kiddies not to worrie as this is South Australia and anybody who knows South Aussie knows it never rains here.

I told the kiddies that in fact about 80 per cent of South Australia receives less then 250 mm of rain a year, That makes this place the driest state in the driest continent on earth! fairdinkum (at this stage I heard something like yeah yeah dad whatever) in fact it's so dry out here, they have five year old flogs that still don't know how to swim!

And I kept telling them that as we pasted Kyancutta 230kms down the track.... bloody rain!
Well to be fairdinkum I didn't say they couldn't get all that 250 mm in one friggin' day hay!

And I made that point as we drove up to Kimba in the rain, which is the so called HALF WAY MARK crossing Australia. So now we had made it half way.... strewth mate! After a nice feed we set of for Port Augusta and our first stop at a Macca's, which I promised the little nevilles if they didn't kill themselves in the back. After that we drove up through Horrocks pass (in the rain) and then passed Peterborough and onto the border, and sunshine!

Well sort of sunshine at least it wasn't raining hay, this photo was taken at a town called Cockburn. Where we left South Australia and crossed into me old state of New South Wales, land of the cockroaches. Now I've said it once and i'll say it again, can you imagine opening a knocking shop (you know a house of ill-repute) in this place. The name would be enough to turn you off for good hay, well would you go to the COCKBURN BROTHEL!

And then we reached the end of our third day's drive as we slowly drove into Broken Hill, and meet up with our cos Mick. Who then had to drive the kiddies home in his work truck, now this is what the kiddies have been waiting for the whole trip. The chance to jump into a fore wheel drive and as for your's truly, well for the first time in 2801 kms I had an empty car and quietness.....It was only for about two kilometers but strewth it felt good mate! The kiddies were having a ball as Mick put the flashing light on top of the truck and drove off down his street with two freaked out nevilles next to him, oh ya mate.

And this is where we stayed for the night at Mick and Leanne's home, it was one of those real old houses built yonks ago and is a real beauty. And after having a real grouse home cooked dinner washed down with some ripper beers and the odd Port, it was time to hit the sack.... like I said it doesn't get any better then this!

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Leanne said...

Glad you enjoyed it and you are welcome any time.

Leanne x