Wednesday, October 1, 2008

second day out

well on the second day of our trip back to Perth, we drove off in the morning towards Broken hill. Here we have Jacko getting a photo next to a station post box, it was just a good reason to get out and stretch the legs.

Then just up the road we stopped at a rest area for a wee and a chance to get a cheese sanga into ourselves.

Then the next stop was at the Emmdale Roadhouse, now this time we had some sausage rolls and a pie washed down with some water.

Feeding time in the Zoo

Then after driving thought Wilcannia we arrived in the dusty bush town of Broken Hill, and with some spear time up our sleeves we drove out to Silverton. After we came back we had a drive through the town, now way back in 1883 a bloke by the name of Charles Rasp found what he thought were tin samples and quickly formed a syndicate to mine the ore, which turned out to be extremely rich silver-lead-zinc, and Broken Hill Proprietary LTD (BHP) was born. Since that time more then a third of the world's silver has come from Broken Hill, but now the ore is finally running out the townsfolk are turning to Tourism.
One of the main things that survive in the town is the artest, as this place is full of ever bush painter that you would of ever heard off. Like Jack Absalom and the late Pro Hart, and more then twenty different art gallerys spread all about the town.

Here we had a walk through a little park to find a sculpture of an ANT, which was made by Pro Hart in 1983. It was represents the dedication that each miner must show to his mate, underground he is important only as a member of a team working as closely together as ants in a common interest. Makes sence!

Also at the same park was yet anouther mine shaft, this one was called the Kintore Headflame which was the principal shaft at the Central Mine.
The shaft was built in 1904 and worked until the closer of the mine in 1984, then it was relocated to this site.

Sarah hanging out in one of the mine machine parts.

Jacko doing the same thing inside a winding drum.

Another photo of the Kintore headframe of the mine shaft, with the kiddies doing their best to get in the way. Well after that we drove up to Rainbow Ave where Mick N' Leanne live for a beaut pizza feed and some nice cold beers washed down with another of those nice ports..... beauty.

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