Friday, October 3, 2008

Second last day

The next morning we got up, filled up our car with the cheapest petrol we will find before getting to Norseman. Then started the return trip across the Nullabor Highway, this was gonna be the last time in awhile so we wanted to enjoy it. The first pit stop was at the Nullabor Roadhouse, one of me favourite Roadhouses on the Nullabor.

Here are the kiddies in front of the Nullabor Whale, I bet ya these been heaps of photos taken in front of this old whale over the years.

But I bet there hasn't been to many photos taken in front of this BUNKER ROADTRAIN, here is the little princess doing what she loves best (getting her picture taken)

Talking about getting their photo taken, this sign post has to be one of the most photoed one in Australia. Every piece of merchandise of the Nullabor has this sign post on it, so of cause i'm gonna take a photo of it.

Okay two photos (but who's counting) well everybody else takes photo's of it so why wouldn't your's truly do it too! On ya kiddies.

So after another 193kms we had to stop (to be checked at the border) at Border Village Roadhouse, and here are the kiddies on the state border.

Then a quick drive up the road to Eucla to top up again with that cheaper petrol ($1.80, yes that cheap out hear), and a chance for the kiddies to stretch their legs on those old swings I told ya about.

And a chance for a photo in front of that old fat whale, but it is a real cool whale hay.

Then a nice drive across the basin past Mundrabilla Roadhouse and back up out of the Basin past Madura Roadhouse, Then right past Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and into a little rest stop at Caiguna Roadhouse. If you remember we told you about all the new work they have been doing at the roadhouse, with the roof new and new pumps new insides and of cause the new roof over the pumps. Well as you can see they must of forgotten to tell one of the old truck drivers, because in the night one of them drove right into it, ha,ha,ha. I but the owners ain't that impressed hay ha,ha,ha, and because your out in the middle of nowhere I don't think it will be fixed that soon mate. But we had a fice feed in the swings area then drove on to our last rest stop for the day.

And before we knew it we got to Balladonia Roadhouse before night fall, here are the kiddies behind the car just to give ya an idea how packed we were. Fairdinkum you couldn't fit another thing into that car mate, but now it was time to set up camp for the night.

It didn't take us long to get the tent up and set everything up for the night, after that we had a nice warm shower and a beaut feed at that restaurant at the roadhouse (burger and chips).

And one more chance to get another photo in before bed time, we went for a quick bushwalk before sundown and no joke it was a little ripper of a walk. Then it was time to jump into our sleeping bags and lay back and enjoy the piece and quiet, for about three minutes before I was out like a light..... fairdinkum I was nacked mate, in that day alone we had jammed in ten roadhouses, five photo shots, four rest stops and a laugh at Caiguna's new roof. All in around 993kms, Strewth! No wonder I was bugged.

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