Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The final Day's drive

So after a beaut night's sleep in a proper bed it was time to hit the road again, and also a quick drive up to the Miners Memorial at the Line of Load Mine to have a gander down onto the township itself.

Here are the kiddies with the Miners Memorial behind them, as you can see Sarah put on about seven kilograms by putting that jumper on. The kiddies loved it up on top of the mine, with all the old miners equipment all about.

Here they are on an old digger.

And on an older digger.

Then it was time to fill the tank and hit the Barrier Highway till we drive through Wilcannia, on the other side in the middle of now where I got a photo of Jacko showing us what the Wilcannia Land has to offer......

And not much more as you drive into Cobar country, can you spot the two big chooks (emu's) in this photo?

Cobar the land of the big beer can which is up on top of the Grand Hotel, and if you drive through the main street then you can't miss it. It also has some real beaut mining stuff just as you come into the town, up on top of the hill but we had to miss having a gander as we had a massive 1200kms plus drive today. So sight seeing was on the bottom of the must do list.

From here we drove through the towns of Nyngan and Narromine till we reach Dubbo, which is home to more then 30,000 Dubbowegians or Dobbo's as we like to call them. We didn't stop as time was getting away from us and so it was off to our next desdination.

As the sun was setting we made it through the little town of Dunedoo and followed the Golden Highway all the way till we reached the New England Highway near Singleton. Where we drove the rest of the way to Toronto! After driving 3950km's in four days I was totally nacked, and looked forward to sitting back and sinking a nice cold beer.

Toronto by night!

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