Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back on the road

Driving out of Broken hill we headed for a little town called Cockburn, which is also on the border into South Australia.

It was a beaut day to start our next part of or trip, and it didn't take long before we crossed the border in South Australia. Here is Jacko in New South Wales as Sarah is in South Australia, One a cockroach and the other a crow eater!

Next stop was a beaut little country railway town of Peterborough with a population of 2140, this is where three different railway line gauges met (Broad, Standard and Narrow). Of cause these days it's all on one gauge but I reckon it must of been a real pain in the freckle back in the old days.

Here are the kiddies using a anti aircraft gun as all kiddies do, it was used in the second world war wan was given to Peterborough in 1986 by the RSL.

Also in the same park was this old steam train, named LOCOMOTIVE CLASS 'Y' 82 which was built in 1919 and was retired in 1960 after traveling a total 899,506 miles.

Here's Sarah and Jacko giving it a go at driving the steam train, it's beaut to see these old things around these old bush towns. It's better then just cutting them up and losing them for good, and I know the kiddies love climbing all over them.

The kiddies on the back of the steam train.

Then after leaving Peterborough we drove back past Orroroo and Wilmington and back down Horrocks Pass, and then we were at the bottom of the Flinders Rangers. One of the most beaut rangers we have in Australia, and if ya get the chance you should go have a walkabout up their.

After getting petrol in Port Augusta we headed out past Iron Knob and then through the town of Kimba. As you can see Sarah was showing off her big Galah as we drove past another big Galah.

We then reached the coastal town of Ceduna, where we were gonna stay for the night, it was already getting dark as we had a gander at the old wharf on the beach. We had a little walk up the main street, and then headed out to find a caravan park for the night.

We grabbed a shitty little cabin in town but it was just for tonight, and we were leaving early in the morning so who cares hay.

Well it was okay but one thing was the bloody mozzes, fairdinkum all friggin' night I was up catching the bloody things. Still it was just for one night and I was happy to see the friggin' mornin' sunrise, believe me.

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