Thursday, October 2, 2008


If ever your gonna have a drive through Broken Hill, you must do a little detour to a little dusty bush town called Silverton. With a population of just over 50 silverwegians and situated in the middle of now where, this dusty little place can really be called 'The out back'.

Here we stopped at the .... just outside of town, and had a little walkabout up and down the dry river bed.

Well Sarah gave it the thumb's up!

Sarah wants to be a rock doctor when she grows up, but until she grows up i'll just have to keep filling up our car with bloody rocks.

Silverton with it's red earth and blue sky's and harsh unyielding landscape, is everything that Australia stands for. It's about 25 kilometers west of Broken Hill and is now mainly centered around tourism, with the town filled with a variety of 19th-century buildings, some restored as museums and art galleries.

The Peter Browne Gallery, established in a renovated ruin in Silverton, his paintings of emu's are real beaut but friggin' expensive.

The kiddies hanging out at one of the cars painted by Browne fella.

The John Dynon Gallery.

Looking from the veranda of John Dynon's Gallery, and some of the stuff he get's up to.

The kiddies just love those car's.

The town’s focal point is the Silverton Hotel, a friendly place where the locals come to mix with the tourists. Have a ‘stubby’ of beer on the veranda outside, watch emus pecking at the dust, or a camel flicking its tail at the flies while tied to the hitching post. This is what the aussie bush is all about the hotel is regularly featured in movie productions, and its inside walls are covered with memorabilia.

Here the kiddies are next to the Interceptor a replica car, used in the movies Mad Max and Mad Max 2: The road Warrior, which was parked outside the hotel.

Inside the Silverton Hotel the place is filled with all different thingemebobs and thingummyjigs, the heaps of photos of the movies made out here. Like Razorback Priscilla Queen of the desert, The flying Doctors, A Town like Alice and Dirty Deeds, just to name a threw.

Sorry no animals inside!

Back outside we had a walkabout along the main street of Silverton, most of the original buildings have now vanished or lay in ruins. But there are some interesting buildings that remain, including the Silverton Hotel and the Silverton Gaol. Silverton has been the scene for more than 140 films and commercials thanks to the light, the character-filled colonial buildings and its scenic desert surrounds.

Another one of the Gallery's that are in the town.

A short drive north of the main town is a lookout with a remarkable view over the Mundi Mundi plains. Commonly referred to as looking out into the Never Never, it is a fantastic place to view the sunset. This place was used in the setting for both the opening scene and the final truck wreck in Mad Max 2. Cool

As you can see it gets a bit windy up here on the hill, actually it's windy enough to blow a friggin' dog of a chain.

Looking out into the Never Never!

But all good things come to an end and it was time to set off back to town, and a drive through some of Australia's most harshest and toughest country you will ever see.

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